Hills Women’s Ministry provides an environment where women can connect, grow and empower one another through relationships and deepening their understanding of God’s love for them. Hills women is a generational community of women (aged 15 and up).

Going Deeper – Monthly Bible Study

Come and share with other women who desire to go deeper into the word of God. Come on a journey to understand how women of the Bible have believed, built and blessed in their lifetimes. Let’s learn from these godly women how they were used mightily by God in their context and how we can apply it  to ours.

Come prepared to be richly equipped to walk honorably, bravely and blessedly by learning how women in the Bible have walked, overcome and changed lives.
Let us be a generation of women deep in the wisdom of God.

For further information please email women@hillschurch.com.au or visit www.facebook.com/HillsWomen